Disability Insurance for Lawyers

Disability Insurance for Lawyers

Excerpts taken from "Disability Insurance for Lawyers"

According to Stan Siegel, a Philadelphia solo, "It is three to four times more likely that an attorney will become disabled for a period of at least 90 days prior to age 65 than that he or she will die." The top four health problems giving rise to disability claims among lawyers are: musculoskeletal, back, cardiovascular, and psychological, according to internal UNUM Life Insurance Company of America statistics. This mirrors the results of a U.S. Bureau of Census study of all professions.1

Lawyers are increasingly filing disability claims for both physical ailments and mental disorders. For example, in Massachusetts, according to claims sources, mental health and substance abuse disorders have increased from 13 to 40 percent of all lawyers’ disability claims during the last five years.2

No matter what the odds, pretty much everyone agrees that if you become completely disabled, the loss of current and future income could be substantial. Contact us to find out what coverate will work for you.

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