Why Should I Buy From AFS?

Surface Experience and Choice of Products

Disability Insurance Product Excellence - Specialized expertise, most financial advisors and life insurance agents focus their practice on financial planning, managing money and writing large life insurance policies for older wealthy clients. The various agencies that do employee benefits tend to put most of their focus on health insurance and help their clients struggle through the issues revolving around the ever-changing price increases on their medical insurance thereby making disability benefits an afterthought and an add on that is often price driven. We're specialists in disability insurance for attorneys and law firms, writing hundreds of policies each year and serving thousands of attorneys. This area specialization has led us to acclaimed experiences with many clients, and living through their claims and their disabilities we have a unique understanding that is not commonplace in the industry. The real benefit of this too is in the event you are disabled. Your economic situation should be stable and sound so you can focus on getting well.

Product - The disability market place is a relatively small market with between 15 and 25 carriers offering disability insurance. The majority of these carriers are happy to work with AFS because of our years of writing quality business and our expertise in the market. The real benefit of this to you as independent brokers is we can bring the market place to you and help you pick the product that is going to give you the most value for your money.

Service - Because we specialize in both a specific area of the financial service industry, and a specific industry - attorneys and law firms - our ability