Overhead Expense

Do You Offer Business Overhead Expense Disability Insurance?

Professional Overhead Expense (POE)*

The Professional Overhead Expense policy is an overhead disability insurance policy for attorneys. Overhead expense policies will cover your business overhead while you're disabled. AFS offers two different overhead expense insurance products in the POE (Professional Overhead Expense) and the BOE* (Business Overhead Expense). Both policies are very similar, except AFS has tried to tailor the two products for the different needs of the professional business owner and the small business owner. The BOE policy is for the small business owner and addresses the specific needs of the small business owner and the POE policy is for professional occupations. You can request a Disability Overhead Expense Quote from our web site.

Business Overhead Insurance

You can request a custom overhead expense insurance quote on our web site, and we offer an interactive worksheet to help you figure out what expenses you need to have covered. Don't buy overhead expense insurance for your total monthly overhead. If your monthly overhead is $20,000, figure out which of these fixed expenses would continue in the event of your disability. When you take the time to review your schedule C, normally you can find expenses that would indeed stop in the event of your disability. So while you are working your total monthly overhead is $20,000, while you are disabled the overhead may actually only be $12,000. Make sure you only purchase an amount you truly need during a disability. The underwriters at AFS will make recommendations on monthly benefits during the underwriting process.

* Policy forms 4100 and 5100.