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Can I Qualify For Disability Insurance with My Medical History?

Disability Insurance Underwriting Basics

Very few people can sail through the underwriting process. It is not easy to obtain maximum coverage at competitive rates. We are successful in helping people navigate this process and get the best possible outcomes based on existing health issues. Having said that, there are people that the insurance company will not offer coverage to because they see them as being too risky, or a possible claim already under the disability insurance contract. Many conditions require the disability insurance company to limit the benefit period, extend the elimination period, or add an additional rated premium onto the policy.

As a person thinking about getting disability insurance, you need to keep an open mind going into the process. Very few people come out of underwriting with a preferred risk discount, even if they recently received a super-preferred discount on a life policy. There are a number of significant differences between life insurance, and disability insurance underwriting. The disability insurance company is evaluating the possibility of you becoming unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your regular occupation, they are not evaluating the odds of you passing away in the next few years. Items such as chiropractic visits, arthritis, back problems, neck pain history, mental or nervous counseling, use of anti-depressant medication, and many other conditions play a major role in disability insurance underwriting.

Do not hesitate to give our offices a call to discuss your medical history, we will not waste your time. We will tell you up-front whether or not you are likely to be a candidate for a personal disability insurance policy. Our disability insurance supervisors are awaiting your call at 312-236-0600.