How Do I Apply?

You Have Several Options To Obtain Coverage

1. Most Common Way To Apply For A Policy

Most of the people who buy disability insurance from this agency obtain a personal disability insurance proposal first by either requesting a quote online, or calling our office to obtain a proposal on the phone. You can request a disability insurance quote online, or call us toll free at 312-236-0600. Regardless of the method you choose to request a free proposal, you will end up with your own personal web page which you can use to print off the proposal, and more importantly print off the application which you will need to fill out and send into our office. Once you have your personal web page from us, you will simply need to print the disability insurance application from the page, and follow the instructions on the first page. If you want to know what happens after you send in the completed application, go to our disability insurance application process page. This page is designed just to let you know how to apply for disability insurance with our agency.

2. Fastest Way To Apply For A Policy

If you know that you would like to apply for an individual disability insurance policy with AFS, you can begin the underwriting process today. You do not need to obtain a quote, and you do not have to fill out the application on your own. You can call our office toll free at 312-236-0600 and ask to speak to a disability insurance agent, and tell the agent you would like to begin the underwriting process today. He or she will work with you to design a disability insurance policy, and once you have agreed on the amounts, and optional riders, your specialist can fill out an application with you on the phone. Once the application has been completed over the phone, our office will send it to you for review and signature. Once we have the signed application back in our office, the application process can begin.

Ways You Cannot Apply With Our Agency!

1. You Cannot Apply with Multiple Disability Insurance Companies at Once

We have seen instances where people decide, for one reason or another, that they are going to apply for more than one disability insurance policy at the same time. This insurance company does not allow this, and most reputable insurance companies don't allow this. If you apply with our agency, for a AFS disability insurance policy, you should have already made up your mind that this is the policy you want. If we find out about another application, we will stop the underwriting process of your application.

2. You Should Not Apply Through Us after Being Declined by Another Company

We said should, because there are exceptions to the rule. However, most of the time if another disability insurance company has already declined your application for an individual disability insurance policy, it is very likely that this insurance company would do the same thing. As a rule, please do not apply until you have spoken to a specialist in our office who has confirmed that it would be alright to apply even though you have been declined recently by another carrier.