About Us

About Us

Irwin Cohen

A letter from our president.

For the last 31 years I focused on helping professionals protect their most valuable asset - their ability to earn an income.

You notice our logo is a goose on top of a golden egg. If you recall Jack and the Beanstalk, the question I would pose to you is this; if you had a goose that laid golden eggs, would you insure the goose or would you insure the eggs? Please hesitate a second before you answer. The kneejerk answer is to insure the goose obviously. I'd suggest to you that's not the obvious answer. With a little more thought see if you would agree with this perspective. If the goose is young and healthy and has a lot of years going forward to lay eggs then certainly you would want to insure the goose. However if the goose's best egg-laying days are behind him then we want to focus on protecting the eggs he's accumulated over his lifetime. Fundamental, yes. But when you think about it you'll spend your working career trying to increase your income, accumulate money, pay off debt and hope to get to a point where you can call it a day an have enough money to maintain your lifestyle and be economically comfortable.

Our goal is to make sure that you- as the metaphoric goose - are protected during your best egg-laying years and when your best egg-laying years are behind you then we help you protect those eggs from the unforeseen, such as the cost of long-term care. We feel strongly that we offer unbiased objective guidance for all of our clients. As independent specialists we bring unique value to the market. Our goal is to provide great service with superior expertise and the best products in the industry. To the best of our knowledge we're the only firm in the country that specializes in attorneys and law firms, serving them exclusively with income and asset protection in the form of disability insurance, long-term care and critical illness insurance. We write more disability policies in a week than most insurance people write in a career. Our goal is long-term relationships. We look forward to serving you.